Olivespa’s new vegan cosmetic line “Bio Olive Oil & Spirulina” is based on organic Olive Oil and Spirulina extract. The blue-green microalgae known as Spirulina, appeared on Earth 3,5 billion years ago and it is considered to be a powerful detoxifier. Olive Oil has been used since ancient times for its healing and anti-aging properties and now it is here to meet the skin needs of every modern individual with its numerous benefits on the elimination of free radical damage and by offering anti-oxidant protection.

The formulas are enriched with the addition of patented and Ecocert-approved natural actives, all plant or marine-originated, and aim to offer an overall and novel approach to your skin and hair care.

The “Bio Olive Oil & Spirulina” line features a complete range of 14 everyday essentials for face, hair and body that will utterly change your beauty routine. No harsh chemicals used.

We are proud that our new “Bio Olive Oil & Spirulina” Series is fully eco-conscious:

  • Vegan Conscious
    We use plant-based and organic ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
    We do not test on animals
  • Recyclable
    All our packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 100% made in Greece

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Spirulina Instant Lift Face Combo New -30%

Spirulina Instant Lift Face Combo

Spirulina Instant Lift Face ComboIncludes the following products at special promo price: Instant..

96.30€ 67.40€
Enriched with Spirulina extract (blue green microalgae) to detoxify, renew and brighten the skin. On..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Delipidol® Advanced formula to refine and tone the silhouette by w..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Cocoa Butter Body butter that deeply hydrates your entire body, le..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Grapeseed Oil Advanced formula which prevents dryness and chapping..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Chia Seed Oil Multi-purpose dry oil which nourishes, hydrates, rej..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Detoxi-Look® Your everyday face cream with natural actives: HymagicT..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Quinoa Seed Extract Your daily anti-aging care with natural actives..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & 4D Hyaluronic Acid Your night skin care companion with natural acti..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Quinoa Seed Extract With natural actives: COBIOLIFT (Quinoa seed po..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Fision® Instant Lift Energizing face mask which instantly improves ..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Mint With mild cleansing compounds (rice starch particles and silic..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Pollustop® Moisturizes, restructures, and adds volume to your hair..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & bio Capigen VEG Stimulates the life cycle of hair follicle and prom..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & bio Capigen VEG Adds strength, volume, and density to thinning hair..
Bio-Olive Oil, Spirulina & Pollustop® With natural actives: Plant derived keratin KeraPlant NP..


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