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Face Care

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Instant Lift Face Cream 50ml

This Santo Volcano Spa face cream is based on the filmexel technology and it forms a protective film..


24h Moisturizing Face and Eye Cream 2 to 1 50ml

The Santo Volcano Spa 2 to 1 Cream is an effective, daily treatment for face and eyes. Its beneficia..


24h Nourishing Face Cream 50ml

The Santo Volcano Spa face cream, rich in nourishing factors, treats and revitalizes dry and dehydra..

Makeup Remover-Two Phases 100ml -37%

Makeup Remover-Two Phases 100ml

A unique formulation which works in two ways- the oil phase lifts off makeup while the water phase r..

13.90€ 8.80€
Lip Balm 5.5ml -29%

Lip Balm 5.5ml

The Lip Balm from Santo Volcano Spa (SPF 15) moisturizes and softens dry or chapped lips. This uniqu..

4.90€ 3.50€
Whitening Toothpaste 100ml -29%

Whitening Toothpaste 100ml

The active black toothpaste effectively and safely whitens the teeth, restrains grouth of bacteria a..

12.60€ 8.90€

The 'Hamilton International Laboratory' Study

Five of Santo Volcano Spa products (Instant Lift Face Cream, Body Butter, 24h Moisturizing Face and Eye Cream 2 to 1, Sulfate-Free Shampoo for all Hair Types, Hand and Nails Cream) have undergone a patch test study by the independent ‘Hamilton International Laboratory’ on a group of volunteers with positive history of allergy/atopy (sensitive, skin, eczema, psoriasis).

The results of the study allow to conclude that the Santo Volcano Spa Products used by persons, in whom allergy to any of its ingredients hasn’t been documented, is well tolerated by the skin. In the tested group of volunteers, there were no irritations or allergic reactions.

The products meet the requirements of compatibility test with atopic and sensitive skin (Skin Compatibility Test) and can be classified as not irritating. Our efforts to create the best products in this sensitive market of cosmetics, using only natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality, are ongoing and we will always strive to be innovative and cater for your every need.

Thank you for your trust!


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