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Moisturizing face cream 50ml -50%

Moisturizing face cream 50ml

A mild and smoothing cream with natural ingredients such as olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter combon..

22.80€ 11.40€
Lifting Cream 50ml -50% Out Of Stock

Lifting Cream 50ml

An innovative formula with peptides, olive oil, argan  and avocado oil. Helps cell renewal of t..

24.80€ 12.40€
Nourishing Face Cream 50ml -50% Out Of Stock

Nourishing Face Cream 50ml

24-hour cream for dry to dehydrated skin, with intensive hydrating, nourishing and anti-ageing actio..

22.80€ 11.40€
Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream Gel 50ml -50%

Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream Gel 50ml

Cream-gel with a light composition, ideal for oily skin. Thanks to its active ingredients, such as o..

19.90€ 9.95€
Eye cream 3 in 1 30ml -50%

Eye cream 3 in 1 30ml

Immediately moisturizes ,tightens and rejuvenates the delicate area around the eyes ,fighting and sm..

21.80€ 10.90€
Face Peeling Cream 50ml -50% Out Of Stock

Face Peeling Cream 50ml

The fine almond shell granules remove dead cells and cleans pores without causing irritation The joj..

18.50€ 9.25€
Face mask 2 in 1 50ml -50%

Face mask 2 in 1 50ml

Face mask for deep cleansing and moisturizing. Cleanses pores, removes dead skin cells and  pre..

17.90€ 8.95€

Lip Balm Natural

The lip balm from Olive Spa moisturize, soften and provide intensive care for dry or chapped lips. T..


Lip Balm Vinelia

With Olive Oil & Grape Seed OilSPF 15Key Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Bee..

Face cream for men 100ml -50%

Face cream for men 100ml

Facial moisturizer suitable for all skin types. Calms the skin after shaving  and help maintain..

16.90€ 8.45€
Shaving Foam 100ml -50%

Shaving Foam 100ml

Shaving   foam without alcohol. Creates a rich, ecologically sound, foam that softens the ..

9.90€ 4.95€
After shave gel 100ml -50%

After shave gel 100ml

Moisturizing after shave gel cools ,tones and relieves the skin without causing irritations . Absorb..

14.30€ 7.15€
Hand Cream for Men -50%

Hand Cream for Men

Hand crem with a light composition. It soothes damaged skin of hands and it is immediately absorbed ..

6.90€ 3.45€
Hand Cream 100ml -50%

Hand Cream 100ml

Moisturizing hand cream with light composition. Absorbed directly  without leaving an oily resi..

6.90€ 3.45€
Foot Cream 150ml -50%

Foot Cream 150ml

Deeply moisturizes, refreshes, relieves heavy and tired legs, giving  a pleasant feeling of rel..

6.90€ 3.45€


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